Here it is! The first episode lovingly crafted for your listening pleasure. On the show today we have mushrooms, Talmud for Schmeryls with Rabbi Debbie Young Somers, Better Know a Jewish Charity with Ben Crowne who's talking about the private ambulance service, Hatzola and the drama going on there. Gilad Halpern will be discussing Bibi and Julia Gazdag answers what to do when you've cooked too much food. Jewish chef Denise Philips talks to us about the history of the bagel and on the first Broigus we discuss the future for left wing Jews. This was recorded when I was running out of time at Limmud Festival so the pacing is rather swift! Featuring Rabbi Michael Muskowitz, Marjorie Ingal, Daniel Anderson, Ben Crowne and Julia Gazdag. Finally, for those who don't know, I explain the Shlomo Rubashkin affair. Unfortunately, as hard as I tried I couldn't find anyone to talk to me who was pro Rubashkin and I tried a lot of people! If I missed you out, please do get in touch as I want the Bagel to be a place for Jews of all stripes.


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